Where to get MP45

follow the link to find MP45, the program I have been using for a few weeks now..I’ve seen amazing results! If you have any questions email me at cphotinos@charter.net 🙂

<a href=”https://getdpd.com/cart/buy/15472/59011/60139?referrer=cphotinos”>Buy Now!</a>

Transformation Tuesday (a day late)

Gawddd this is so embarrassing.. But I am so proud of this accomplishment!!! The top two horrific pictures were taken may 16 after I weighed in at the doctors at 173 lbs! I soon after looked for a fitness program and came across MP45…a detailed meal an fitness plan..exactly what I needed. The last picture on the bottom right was taken yesterday :)I’ve really leaned out WHILE gaining muscle and tone. I am now at a healthier 156. Still not done progressing though! Email me with any questions 🙂 cphotinos@charter.net


Sorry for the delay!!! MP45 Update…

Hey guys! So I know I’ve been slacking and I apologize! Here’s a few pictures from the last couple days of workouts. This included cardio, legs, and an upper-body lift. I have really pushed myself in preparation for Lake of The Ozarks and bikini time! I’ve seen amazing results in my abs, quads, and BACK!!! email me with questions:) cphotinos@charter.net




Abs and Stomach Changes

These three pictures were all taken about 5-7 days apart. The first (horribly embarrassing) photo was my starting point before beginning MP45. The next photo was taken 5 days later and I could already tell a huge difference!